Dr. Omar M. Amin

Dr. Omar M. Amin. , Ph.D., founder of PCI, is a Professor of Parasitology. He is a nationally and internationally recognized authority in the field with over 230 major articles/books published in American and foreign professional journals on human and animal parasites from North America, North Africa, Peru, Persian Gulf, Kenya, Czech Republic, Russia, Inner Mongolia (China), Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Dr. Amin has conducted many international parasitology workshops and conferences including one in the Persian Gulf as a Fulbright Scholar and had received many other honors, awards, and Parasitology research grants. He has authored a 5-part educational video series on "Parasitic Infections of Humans, Diagnosis and Pathology" produced by the Center for Improvement of Human Functioning International of Wichita, Kansas. Dr. Amin has Active membership in professional societies such as:

  • American Society of Parasitologists

  • British Society of Parasitology

  • American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

  • American Society of Microbiology

  • American Microscopical Society

  • Helminthological Society of Washington

  • Biological Society of Washington

  • Arizona Homeopathic and Alternative Medical Association

  • Rocky Mountain Conference of Parasitologists (life membership)

  • The Blastocystis Research Foundation

  • National Arab American Medical Association

  • APHIA (Peruvian Association of Helminthology and Associated Invertebrates

Grants and Scholarships

  • Foreign Senior Exchange Scholar (USIS), conduct workshops on Epidemiology & Parasitic Diseases of wildlife/man, Univ. of Bahrain, Persian Gulf, 1989.

  • Fulbright Scholar, Health Minstry, Bahrain, malaria epid./control, 1986-87.

  • Sabbatical, University of Wisonsin, 1986-87.

  • Univ. of Wisconsin grants, 1974, 1988-90, and annual research allocations.

  • Sea grant College (Wisconsin), US Dept. of Commerce, 1967, 77, 84; Great Lakes parasitology research.

  • Regional grants from local industry and government agencies almost annually.

  • University of Wisconsin Alumni Research Fund Grant, 1972.

  • Sigma-Xi Grant in Aid of Research, 1969, work on RMSF at ODU, Norfolk, VA.

  • US Army Grant DA-49-193-MD-2439, 1968, for tick studies at ODU.

  • Arizona State University Tuition scholarships, 1965-67; Foreign Graduate Student Scholarship, 1965-66; Graduate Teaching Asst. Scholarship, 1967.