Cleanse is one of the three formulas developed by world renown parasitologist Dr. Omar M. Amin. The formulas are based on Dr. Amin's research and experience that covers known remedies from the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Chinese to date, and that have been published in refereed journals. For instance, see Amin, O. M. and Amin, K. O. 1998. Herbal Remedies for Parasitic Infections Explore 8 (6): 1-59 and Amin, O. M. 2003. Ancient Egyptian Medicine Explore 13 (5): 7-15. 

Cleanse promotes good regularity.



Fennel seed, cascara sagrada, slippery elm bark, rhubarb root, fo-ti, corn silk, atlantic kelp.

Proprietary blend:

Orange peel, clove bulb, ginger root, peppermint leaf, black cumin seed, cinnamon bark, psyllium husk.

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