Gina Cerniglia

For years I had searched for answers to mystifying symptoms I suffered. Painful skin rashes, fatigue, body aches, itchy crawling sensation on my skin and in my body (began at 14 years old). Most doctors would resign my symptoms to ‘psychosomatic’ since most blood test were always ‘text book’ normal. The skin rashes were diagnosed as acne and would come and go.

During my mid 30’s the painful skin rashes continued and breakouts would appear anywhere, my forearms, scalp and ankles, not usually a place for acne, right? In addition, I was in incredible physical pain and so fatigued. At 36 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  In the late 90?s there was no known cure so I researched the internet for information. I went on a detox regimen including vitamins, supplements and sunshine (vit. D is now used to relieve fibromyalgia symptoms). After about 2 years I recovered from it and was doing well but, as I reached 40 the skin rashes reappeared.

The “adult acne” would not heal. I noticed white stretchy “splinters” that could be pulled out of the sores. They almost appeared living! One day I got out my son’s microscope and he and I viewed them. OMG! They have a form and hair/fibers… Oh God!!! I had a jewelers loop (high powered magnifying glass) and would watch these sores. Throughout the span of the day fibers (white and blue) would grow out of them and reach out to new skin. I was afraid!! I went to the doctors and they tested my sores for everything, strep, herpes, other bacteria… it came back completely negative! They were baffled and so was I. To be “safe” side I was prescribed antibiotics, antifungals and the likes. There was never a marked improvement in my condition.

In addition, I was severely exhausted all the time again. I was a mother, a wife, a business owner, and worked full-time, but secretly I felt awful. I was so ashamed of my condition. “Why was my body turning on me?” “Why couldn’t I heal?” “Why do I need a nap after vacuuming 2 rooms?” In 2008 was searching the internet for answers and found Morgellons. It seemed so much like what I experienced. Then I saw many you tube video’s making fun of us as delusional, so I quickly dismissed that diagnosis and continued to search for answers.

In May of 2010 my mom called me. She had heard about something that sounded like my symptoms exactly, it was called Morgellons. I was aware that mainstream medicine and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) stated that Morgellons was nothing more than “delusional parasitosis”.  However, I was so desperate. That day I did an internet search for doctors treating Morgellons and to my delight, I found one that sounded credible, Dr. Omar Amin at Arizona State University. He wrote intelligently on the subject and had patient interviews of illness and recovery. I called and made an appointment.

Appointment day! I drove for 2 hours to get to his office, wondering all the way if this was gonna be worth it. Was he going to shrug me off? I explained my symptoms to him and my skin condition was visible to the naked eye. He concluded it was Morgellons which he terms it NCS (neuro-cutaneous syndrome). He explained that my body’s pH and ‘fighting’ ability has been altered by intimate exposure to toxins, most likely my dental work but, a blood test was needed to confirm this. The rash was a reaction to the toxins trying to exit my skin and offered an inviting home for secondary infections and mine was a plant mold!

A blood test revealed that at the very least, my body is indeed incompatible with almost all heavy metals, many commonly used in medicine, dental work, cosmetics, toiletries, food and drinks. My braces, at 14 years old, were nickel and all my fillings were Mercury amalgam (Amalgam also contains copper) as well as two root canals. Some were 30+ years old. A detox protocol of holistic products and vitamins was recommended. He assured me that as the toxins diminish so does the itching and crawling feeling and the sores will heal. I was ecstatic. I had answers!

I had the fillings removed by a dentist who specializes in the removal of mercury amalgam dental work. When amalgam fillings are ground down they ‘smoke’. The fumes contain mercury and are breathed in. This is very toxic exposure to mercury for anyone and can have terrible effects on those not sufficiently protected!!

I had a tremor in my left hand for about 5 years. I could not draw a number 6 without scribbles. I didn’t tell a soul, I was only 40, but it stopped the very day I had my last filling removed! Why, because mercury is a fabulous conductor of electricity and interferes with the body’s natural electrical currents. I was instructed to have mercury amalgam fillings removed in stages, as horrid reactions are possible doing too many at once. I didn’t listen. I had all fillings removed in one day. I experienced no backlash so, without hesitation, the following week I had both root canals removed in one visit.

The oral surgeon didn’t outfit me with a mask or use a special vacuum to protect me and him from toxic fumes. It didn’t occur to me that it was necessary since the teeth were being pulled out. Unfortunately, they didn’t just pop right out. He had to grind and saw at the teeth to break they up so they would come out.

The oral surgeon looked so pale after digging and grinding to get the root canals out of my head. His comment, “Geeze the more of these root canals I remove, the more I don’t want to recommend having a root canal done to anyone!” He sent me off with antibiotics and oxycodone. Within hours I developed a fever. The itching and crawling on my face and body was beyond anything I had experienced. The office called to see how I was doing. Upon hearing my symptoms, they said to stop taking the oxycodone, “you’re allergic”. So, I did.

I spent the next two weeks in bed, too weak to eat, full of fever and covered in sores. My neck on both sides, just under my ears had open sores the size of a quarter that were draining and my face peeled for 2 months!!… and a new symptom, muscle jerks. My legs would “kick” involuntarily, like a heroin addict. I was in a horrid state! What I found out later is that I was poisoned by the fumes from my tooth removal! Root canals can have mercury, copper, silver, aluminum, nickle (base noble). As he ground and drilled fumes were released. He was probably not doing so hot either but, I will never know. [1]

To add insult to injury, I was going through an ugly divorce. I was losing my home and everything I had worked for, and I was spending my first Christmas completely alone while my two beloved boys were spending Christmas with “the real monster” (that’s how I felt then). I had lost hope upon hope. My looks were long gone, my life I had built gone, my health gone, my strength gone, money gone, love gone! All I had was the breath in me, my faith in God and my sense of humor.

One day in particular I thought, was possibly my last on this earth. As I lay in bed, it became crystal clear that life or death had no power over me, over the fact that I was still ME under all this ugliness. I had desires to get better , to keep learning, laughing and watching my kids grow!! I knew I may not get that chance, as I had no strength, no ability in me to make it different. Lying there, my happy thought was, “Well, what I have is not like a cancer “death sentence”… A person that has days or weeks to live has less hope than I do because, there is a chance I may get out of this bed”…  and that thought was good to me.

Amazingly, I got through those days and slowly resumed therecovery protocol (detox body from heavy metals and chemicals) . I didn’t go in public for about 2 months. I was weak and my face was raw, peeling and oozing. The detox is uncomfortable in the beginning (Recovery Protocol).  Itching and crawling sensations got worse. My skin lesions were so painful. The pin pricking sensations and muscle jerks in my legs were awful. I took sedatives to get sleep and Benadryl and I became good friends. Perspiration would smell like metal, like moldy towels and my face sweat, a hallmark of mercury poisoning.

I have had to pause the detox at times due to financial reasons, sometimes just because it was uncomfortable and I had so much going on that I couldn’t endure feeling sick too. In addition, I have shed 70 lbs of fat.  Every level of weight reduction has triggered skin rashes, i.e., stomach, back, arms, fatigue, flu like symptoms and skin sensations. Toxins store in fat cells, so losing fat will release toxins.

Because I have a known allergy to almost all heavy metals, a buildup of copper or aluminum, even though necessary for our metabolism can be toxic for me. I stay on a maintenance recovery protocol and eat clean and simple to feel my best. This helps me live in the real world without fear of environmental assaults.

Gone are the days that I would fill up the bath tub with Epsom salts and hot water (be sure to drink water while soaking as Epsom baths are dehydrating.) and submerge everything but my nose holes to soothe the itching and crawling (a snorkel would have come in handy!) The itching and crawling are gone! The muscle twitches and tremors are gone! Gone are the days being covered from head to toe with an oozing rash and gone is the plant mold! Gone is excruciating fatigue.

I now walk 10-15 miles, workout 3 times a week, for fun I kayak, canoe, paddle board, or hike and work, no exhaustion! I am feeling wonderful. Now I desire to share what I have learned on this journey and dispel myths surrounding Morgellons/NCS, hence MORGELLONS CENTRAL. Thank you for taking the time to read.

Peace and Love ~

Gina Cerniglia

E.J. Caires

"When my wife found PCI online last spring, I was rapidly declining health and my quality of life was very poor. My doctors couldn’t help me. I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t bear the pain. I was on the verge of giving up. Within 60 days of starting the NCS Protocol April 9, 2015, I began to experience a slow, steady recovery process.  I believe PCI’s gentle detoxification regiment combined with their nutritional support products are what made the difference for me. I also altered my diet based on PCI’s recommendations. PCI’s Mangosteen Capsules have kicked my recovery and my healing into high gear, with a gradual cessation of my neurological symptoms and my skin eruptions. After 2 months of ingesting and topically applying the Mangosteen Capsules, I am starting to see the light at the end of a 3 year long tunnel of hopeless suffering. My symptoms are far less and far less severe than they were. I am becoming more active and looking forward to returning to a productive, normal life soon. I attribute my improved quality of life and health, directly to PCI’s support and their high quality health products. I lost 30 pounds too!"

 I trust PCI.

E.J. Caires

J. W. K., white male born in 1963.



Dear Dr. Amin,

Hello from the four corners area. I am doing very well-no doubt largely because of my being able to connect to you and better understand my condition. I have drafted an account of my being ill and my recovery (it still needs some work, but I feel very strongly I need to share this with others who are suffering).

Thank you very, very much for pursuing and figuring out NCS. You most certainly have made a difference in my life and others!

Forever a fan, JK.

I am a writer and a former sufferer of what has been called by many as Morgellon's Disease. Just two weeks into a new teaching job, was when the crawling sensations started.  It felt like fleas zipping across my scalp. The "bug" feeling was subtle; still I went to the school nurse and ask her to check. Under magnified light, she examined my hair and found nothing.

The crawling got worse during the next week. I tried an old fashion approach to lice and put mayonnaise in my hair for three nights in a row (with a plastic bag like a shower cap over my head to keep my pillow clean); the crawling continued. 

I went to see a doctor about my "bugs". She looked at my scalp and said, "I don't see anything, probably sheet mites." She gave me a prescription for a pesticide cream to rid myself of them.  The cream seemed to quiet the crawling. Twice I'd thought I'd gotten rid of my bugs, but they came back. The crawling expanded from my scalp to my groin and the ends of my feet.

I couldn't sleep; the "bugs" had crawled up into my nostrils and ear holes. I felt crazy with terror! Through the grace of God, I kept my cool and somehow avoided most hugs from friends at the conference. I tried my best to appear normal.    

I called my doctor's office from Denver. She decided to refer me to 3 specialists, a dermatologist, a neurologist and an allergist . The dermatologist turned out to be a class act. He didn't examine me, but felt confident for my description that I had Scabies. "There's a reason they call it the 7 years itch." He laughed from his side of the room. He gave me some awful meds that made me terribly sick. The allergist clued me in on being allergic to some grasses, trees and dogs. He didn't have the answers I was looking for. The neurologist gave me absolutely no answers. 

I ordered some natural scabies cleaner from a site on the internet. I followed the directions of spraying the solution over my entire body morning, noon, and night. My home life wasn't much better. I soaked with cleaner and laundered my sheets every night.  I got so paranoid of getting my "bugs" throughout my apartment, that I wiped down the switches, doorknobs, and plastic lawn chair (I had in the middle of my living room to sit on) at least twice each day. I put duct tape over my desk chair and my truck's seat. I walked around in plastic shoes.

I continued to look for answers on the internet. A company representative asked me to tell him the symptoms. "I'm sorry," he reluctantly responded, "We don't treat incurable diseases." "Look at our web site," he suggested. This was the first that I'd heard of Morgellon's Disease. It sounded horrible! No known cure, conditions worsening with time, eventually your skin appears as raw with colored hairs, and the likelihood of going insane; this was not something I wanted to have.

During the next week, I searched the web for Morgellon's cures and found a variety of claims. I was frustrated, sick of being tired, and running out of money.      

The weeks of having this condition turned into months. I started to drink alfalfa tea with honey every night; this had the effect of calming the night crawls. I noticed that the crawling seemed to increase at night.

I felt hopeless. None of the doctors I'd seen had any answers. What would I do? How would my life be? For some reason, I decided one morning to do a web search on "crawling sensations" instead of Morgellon's. I came across an article by Dr. Amin on Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS). It intrigued me. In the article, he mentioned dental toxicity creating the same symptoms that I was experiencing (though he never referred to it as Morgellon's Disease). I knew I had to investigate this further.

I called a biological dentist's office and mentioned the article. I asked if they could help me by recommending a means to send off a blood sample to a testing lab. They did. The dentist office had test kits and offered to give me one. I needed only to stop by. The cost was $16 to get my blood sample taken and mixed as well as $250 to get sample tested at the lab it was some cost, but I felt strongly that I needed to know. I sent the sample off.

I also followed the suggestion to call my former dentist for copies of my records. I did another web search on Dr. Amin. Miraculously, I found out that he had an office only 16 miles from where I lived. I called and scheduled an appointment.

On the morning of my appointment, I drove up towards Dr. Amin's  office with a copy of my dental records and reactivity testing report, my only companions. My mind wondered what he would be able to tell me. Maybe he's just someone out to make a buck, I thought. I tried to keep realistic and not get my hopes too high. He might help me and he might not. I sat on a couch and waited for Dr. Amin. How many others with my condition had sat here? And shouldn't his assistant and him self be concerned about getting these parasites? And just some of my wandering thoughts.

"Fill these out." Dr. Amin's assistant handed me several sheets of paper. The questions primarily related to the symptoms of the condition. Coming out of the back room, Dr. Amin sat down and introduced him self . I gave him the papers I had filled out, along with my dental records and my blood test results. He was interrupted by an overseas phone call he had to take.When he returned, he said, "you have NCS. You will get better."

He explained how the symptoms came about and connected them to dental liners explaining that some of the ingredients in liners were the same as those in nerve gas.

I asked him how he figured out the connection between the symptoms and dental toxicity. I had several cases with these symptoms. It took me four years to figure it out. I was hesitant to publish anything.

He explained the protocol for healing; it consists of two parts. First, the primary source of toxins must be removed and replaced (dental fillings, liners and adhesives). Second, the body needs to be detoxified from the poisonous substances.

Though Dr. Amin recommended only three fillings taken out per month, I had all ten of my fillings and associated under liners replaced within a two week period. I had no problem, but Dr. Amin mentioned a former patient felt like she was dying.

Dr. Amin's protocol gave a list of helpful supplements (vitamins, minerals, and antioxdants) and homeopathics given for detoxification.

A huge part of the healing for me was realizing I was not contagious. The process itself has taken quite awhile (and I will continue to detoxify for some time). After my fillings and all were removed and replaced, I still felt the crawling for some time, but it was different. I would describe the sensation as becoming numb. Instead of feeling like bugs were crawling on me, it felt similar to when your foot falls asleep (and eventually this faded too). The change in sensation assured me that I was not dealing with parasites at all.



J. M., white female born in Kentucky in 1944.

While JM did not do dental rehabilitation (she had none), she was meticulous in implementing our organ system detoxification protocol at least from September, 2005 to October, 2006.

11-28-05: Lesions on my leg have almost completely dissipated.

1-10-06: Getting better.

4-24-06: All sores have healed.

July 2007: All symptoms have resolved.

We consider this case to be a good demonstration of the cause and effect relationship and of the importance of storage organs in the clinical picture of NCS.

C. R., white female born in California in 1964.


2004. I had my toxic dental work removed in the middle of June, 2004. In the first month following the procedure (PCI protocol), the topical (treatment) helped close and heal most of the open lesions; there is still something bulging underneath. The (treatment) helped with the new eruptions as well.

In the second month, I began to experience severe fatigue. My teeth ached. I have gained almost seven pounds, have less muscle strength; I can see pockets of swelling in my ankles, my knees. I have become very discouraged and am so tired. Some of my sores began to heal. When the sores got broken open, they bled an unusual amount.

In the third month, my energy is still low, I am feeling very foggy several times a day and experience this vision problem. It is the same as before the dental work was performed. When I get a large dose of sun, my skin improved dramatically. My right shoulder became very painful. Yoga, seems to have broken the concentration of toxins up in my shoulder and it is feeling much better. At PCI, they recommend lymph drainage massage therapy the breakouts I have are on my ankles, around the knee area, abdomen, face, head, wrist and hands. My fingernails grow like they have not for years hard and fast. I have begun to itch which was never a symptom of mine before. The teeth that were worked on are very sensitive the gums (nearby) swelled up and bled and bled. I am sleeping better and have not had night sweats for almost ten days.

9/16/04: My sores seemed to clean up, no longer remaining open. I have new ones raise up daily though, they don't always break out of the skin. I am (still) having sore lumps on my scalp, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and severe joint pain. My capability to concentrate, remember, or even focus is so compromised that at times I think I am having dementia.

10/2/04: the Staph. infection recurred, some sores resolved, less overall sores, pin-prick and crawling sensations decreased especially in the face. Nails with pin-prick are ridgy, nails without pin-prick are smooth, and that the fatigue was worse right after the dental work.

12 01/05:  I am doing fine, but have found that it takes years to undo the havoc that toxins have created. I want you to know that I believe that God sent me to you, gave you a gift that you didn't disregard, and because you were willing, have been a turning point in my life.

12/4/05:  I am feeling good. I am just now at that point where I no longer feel the sensations in my face and chest. It is awesome.

1/5/07:  I am feeling very good, no sores, no sickness and finally no toothaches. It took a long time before I felt good enough to exercise, I eat the right foods, get through an hour jog, it has taken longer that I anticipated to feel "normal" again, but it has come. My life has been turned around since the time of dental work. My sores began healing immediately and my mouth has not peeled once since that day. My energy has returned, I did feel worse (at the beginning), but then things turned around.

7/28/07:  I am feeling better than I ever have.

8/3/07:  I am devoted to your work because I believe that had you not recognized what was going on in my system I would have died or been sent away to a mental hospital.




5/23/06. I was recently diagnosed with Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome. I went to many doctors and many hospitals/clinics and no one knew what I had. I finally went to the Parasitologytesting.com site and thinking that I might have parasites and was searching for appropriate testing sites. I found out that ordinary labs at hospitals and private, do not take the necessary time to do the appropriate diagnostic testing, yet they report negative results and you have to pay for inappropriate and inconclusive results…and get looked upon like a hypochondriac. There are only two sites in the U.S. that do the long and intense testing…the Parasitiology Center in Scottsdale, Arizona and one other in the mid-west.

Anyway, when on the site, I noticed some information about Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS) . When I read it, I actually cried as it exactly described my symptoms and the pictures of the patients and all they had been through with other physicians…misdiagnosing and giving a variety of medications that sometimes were very harmful…was all there…it was MY STORY, in effect.

I had waited FIVE HORRIBLE YEARS, BORROWED MONEY TO GO TO THE DOCTORS, and SPENT EVERY LAST CENT I HAD TO FIND OUT WHY. My skin itched and crawled, I gained 120lbs in less than a year, when I had been 125lbs all my life, why my bra size went from 34B to 44D in less than a year, why my skin looked as if I had leprosy, with sores everywhere, why I was loosing my memory, was foggy-minded and so fatigued that it took every last ounce of energy to get up and go to the bathroom, keep, when I was such a passive person all my life, did I became angry at everyone, why I ached from head to toe right to the bone, why I started having tremors (like Parkinson’s) and had to walk with a cane, why I had constant ringing in my ears and my vision was failing and more when I was only 49 when this started and almost 56 when I found out what I had.

I was treated literally by doctors like other patients, people I met who were shocked by my looks, my family and friends, who wouldn’t even come to my door to see me for five years because they thought I was contagious. I was literally ostracized by the world (never going anywhere except to a doctor’s appointment) and only with the help of a young woman in my development who ran all my errands, purchased my food and prayed with me, and two friends who lent me money; my family didn’t even offer! I prayed, I cried, and even I thought I was going to die. I flew out to Scottsdale, where I met Dr. Amin. He actually sees patients. It all turned out to be a specific form of amalgam and mercury poisoning from the mercury and amalgams utilized in my fillings. Evidently, due to a car accident in 1999, my jaw was thrown off center and my teeth were hitting at an angle, thus causing my teeth to crack below the gum line. The toxic vapors leaked into my system, already suppressed due to chronic pain from injuries caused by the accident. The toxins went into my blood stream, then into my lymphatic system and caused my weight gain. In this instance, these toxins then went into my storage organs and then out my skin.

When I met Dr. Amin at the Parasitology Center two months ago today, I was actually near death. I was diagnosed with not just a classic case of Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome, but with a SEVERE CASE! I must now go through a detoxification program and have lymph drainage massage to take the toxins out of my tissues, have all the amalgams and mercury taken out of my mouth and hopefully, within a year, I may be better. I am indebted to Dr. Amin for his study and the efforts made to help people who have health issues. (Dr. Amin who took an interest in something that he realized was an issue that he was running into while dealing with his parasite testing), and who treated me with the utmost kindness, unlike the doctors who wouldn’t come near me or thought I was a nut case.

This testimonial is from "Recovering from Morgellons and Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS): Patients' Perspective" By Omar M. Amin, B. Sc., M. Sc., Ph.D., USA; published in Explore Vol 18, #6, 2009.  (see publications)



10/25/05: I was able to get an appointment with Dr. … (Dentist).. I did get tested for dental material compatibility… I am taking Ubichinon… 3 times a day which helps tremendously… I actually replaced the antidepressant Symbiax which I was taking with it because it works a ton better and does not give me the side effects of the antidepressant. Still have Staph. and candida sp. infection (identified) from the skin test. A skin rash at times. Also. Also a white tongue at times and smelly teeth.”

3/13/06: Still having nervousness at times and problems sleeping. Up every 2 to 4 hours. I do have a rash on my left leg.

5/25/06: Some of the products in the same chemical family to avoid were Eugenol. The dentist who did the crown building on my teeth saw Eugenol in tooth #20. He removed it and it made a tremendous difference to improvement in my health. I have been waiting for a relapse but it has not come… back pain is gone. Nervousness reduced dramatically. Sleep apnea going away. Constipation disappearing. Able to dream for the first time in years. Reduced allergy reactions. White tongue almost gone. I unfortunately did not see Eugenol as being incompatible on my…dental testing report and will need to call them to ask why? I do recall it coming up as something my body does not like on a MSA test (Meridian Stress Test machine) by a local naturopath 2 years ago…the naturopath thought my problem was mercury…and I went out and had most of silver fillings redone without knowing what to replace them with and how to replace them (that got me into more trouble). I probably had Eugenol and other incompatible stuff put in the teeth as replacement.

8/14/07: Scalp sores are all but gone. I have been rather conservative in following rehab program. Removing materials and teeth as I experienced problems. I took out the sheet that you had compiled for me with the teeth and the problematic materials. It was interesting that they match exactly. I have removed some of the problematic teeth and improved when I do so. The current problems…outlined by my dentist match the same teeth you had specified. It was neat to see this and show others. I wonder if these allergic/toxic materials are responsible for the holes in my jawbone that the oral surgeon found recently? Nico/cavitations?

This testimonial is from “Recovering from Morgellons and Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS): Patients’ Perspective” By Omar M. Amin, B. Sc., M. Sc., Ph.D., USA; published in Explore Vol 18, #6, 2009.  (see publications)


2006. It occurred to me that you may want a current photo devoid of rashes, sores, broken or inflamed. Sort of a “before” and “after” for your files…The area just behind both ears is still very sensitive in that it will become very red, somewhat raised and itchy at times. I have recently found out that I can not wear earrings that have surgical steel titanium, even though they may be gold plated. My ear lobes become very red and hot and itch so intensely that I cannot get them out fast enough. This was never the case before 3/22/06. This intense reactivity to titanium earrings supports the above suggestion that it was titanium dioxide in the Esthet-X that may have set off the NCS symptoms in the first place.

July, 2007: Feeling fantastic.

8/11/07: Your diagnosis and NCS protocol has helped me regain a state of wellness in a relatively short time. I continue to improve and believe that diligence to this protocol will ensure that I never experience such an impaired, debilitating lack of good health in the future. My husband says I am walking “poster chills” for the benefits strict adherence to the protocol you have developed. Sincerely and gratefully.

This testimonial is from “Recovering from Morgellons and Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS): Patients’ Perspective” By Omar M. Amin, B. Sc., M. Sc., Ph.D., USA; published in Explore Vol 18, #6, 2009.  (see publications)


1/9/07. In February of 2006 I was in a car wreck and home recuperating. About a month and a half into my recuperation, I started having very odd neurological symptoms. I had little red bumps like bug bites on my neck and legs, itching around my face and scalp, as well as pin-prick sensations in my ankles, legs and in the thinner parts of my skin all over my body. It felt like something was physically crawling underneath my skin. Since my land lord had just finished doing a lot of construction in my apartment that opened up walls in an old building, I thought that I might have been infested with some type of mite or parasite. I looked for answers with my general practitioner and at UCLA with the dermatology department, but to no avail. No one could figure out what was causing these very overwhelming symptoms. I say overwhelming because it was so intense that I had to take several different types of medicine just to get some sleep at night. My GP told me “I have many patients with these similar symptoms and I just don’t know what to do for them. All I can do is medicate them so that they can get through the day.” I got no help from UCLA and since there was nothing in the medical books taught about these particular symptoms, they even insinuated that I was delusional (in my research, I discovered this same diagnosis has been given to countless people with similar symptoms). I knew that I was NOT delusional and went about searching on the internet for answers. I typed into Google my symptoms and came up with Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (www.parasitetesting.com). This led me to Dr. Omar Amin. Since the early 1980’s I have had a lot of dental work done with materials containing metals and composite materials. The majority has been done in the last few years. I realize now that for many years my immune system was probably being compromised by this (I was frequently getting colds and flu’s) and the car wreck was the catalyst for these symptoms to appear (as my immune system was already overloaded). After speaking with Dr. Amin, I followed his advice and had my blood tested in Colorado. The results came back that I was highly reactive to about 50% of the dental materials in my mouth. Since this is a new frontier in health sciences there are different schools of thought on removal and restoration of dental materials. I chose to contact a dentist that follows the Huggins protocol and had all of the old dental materials removed and replaced with materials that I had researched and that had come back as low reactive on my blood test. Almost immediately all of the neurological symptoms went away and my health was totally restored. I take this as a serious gift.

We are all built differently and react differently to different foreign substances put in our bodies (or close to the gums). It is critical that people become aware of the impact that dental materials can possibly have on their health. If I had not found out about Dr. Amin, I do not want to even think about what my life might be like today. This testimonial is from “Recovering from Morgellons and Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS): Patients’ Perspective”By Omar M. Amin, B. Sc., M. Sc., Ph.D., USA; published in Explore Vol 18, #6, 2009.  (see publications)



I  met Dr. Amin on June 15th, 2010 and can honestly say he changed my life. I suffered terribly with pain, the sensations and fibrous filaments that coming through my skin. I can honestly say it was an outer world experience. It was Dr. Amin, who was able to determine that I had been infected with a kind of fungus after I had gone to numerous doctors and hospitals for help. He put me on a protocol that reduced my symptoms and eventually lowered the level of toxins in my system. I can not say enough how thankful I am for his help. He is compassionate, patient and acknowledged my concerns.